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Who Are We

Alisha & Lace is originally from Taiwan. Our design team firmly
believes that “We create Beauty!”

With years of experience, the Alisha & Lace design team can work with all
types of materials to create different gowns that suits different styles.

“Every details count” is the very basic philosophy of our design team
spirit. Our design team is fully involved in each step of the design
process. It starts from the simple act of understanding the shape of our
bride, followed by the first mock-up gown fitting, and lastly, the
finishing touch of adding embellishment like lace, crystals, and pearls.
The wedding veil, an important part of dress-making process, is also not
forgotten. We make sure every bride walk down the aisle feeling and
looking like a princess.

Here at Alisha & Lace, our designers will handpick materials and colours to
bring forth the element of nobility based on each individual’s style and
Hailing from the Kingdom of Wedding industry, Alisha & Lace has the
advantage to deliver nothing but the best wedding gowns that suit every
girl on the most important day of their lives, thus bringing out the best
of them. At Alisha & Lace, we make every gown with Love and Passion.
You will be spoilt for choice at Alisha & Lace.

We will make sure to give every bride an unforgettable wedding. With an
existing expertise in gown making, particularly using French lace, founder
and designer Alisha started creating gowns with multi-dimensional texture and
lining that incorporated accessories to refine the final product of
each exquisite hand-made gown. Since 1981, Alisha has been designing and making exquisite
wedding gowns for European and Middle East Luxury Brands and slowly gained
experience by exporting gowns and understanding the process of making dreams
comes true for newly-weds.

Career Involvement

In 1993, Alisha set up studio in Taipei started to focus in Asean market.

In 2009, Alisha & Lace officially established in Taiwan.

In 2011, Alisha & Lace open their flagship store in Taipei.

In 2015, Alisha & Lace opens new branch in Singapore.


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